After several inquires, I figured it was time to update le blog.  Like I said, I’ve been extremely busy loafing on the sofa.  It is Gay High Holy Day #3 weekend and the city is awash with visitors.  As mentioned, my buddy Frank arrived today.  Rob & Chuck came over this evening to watch the [...]

McCain Still a Hypocrit

McCain Never Returned Cash from former Manhunt Chairman
While I’m still on my high horse…
So not only did they not return the money but Crutchley is still working for MH even if he is no longer on the board. He still owns a significant share of the company and not being “on the [...]

15 years to life in S.F. dog maul death

15 years to life in S.F. dog maul death
It only took 7 years for the verdict to be reached. This dog attack was beyond despicable. It was also one of the most horrific animal attacks I’ve ever been privy to. There are things I am bound not to reveal due to rules [...]


Sorry for not updating much recently. I’m on vacation and have been extremely busy loafing on the sofa.
Because of the serious outlay of cash lately, I’ve had to drastically scale back my vacation plans. Oh yes, yours truly has been forking over a butt-load of cash as of late. The [...]

Off and Running

Well, I’m definitely on the mend.  I had lunch w/roblog the other day and I don’t think I closed my trap once the whole time. lol  I’ve been so cooped up lately, I think I was a little stir-crazy.  Poor Rob, he was a trooper though.  He listened attentively and managed to get in a [...]

Pick Me

Since my poll thingy isn’t working I thought I’d post a quick question.
What should I nickname the new bike? The beast or booboo?
Speaking of, I got the new bike today! Gawd! It is so hot. I kept thinking of the Men in Black movie, “old and hotness…old and busted…new [...]

Blog On Betches

And now for something not completely about me…
I’ve weighed in lately on several sights about the future/fate of blogging.  Some still think blogging is the next best thing since sliced bread.  Others think blogging has reached its peak and is slowly dying a painful agonizing death.
For my .02, I don’t really agree 100% with [...]

It’s Official!

I’m the proud owner of a GSX-R750!   I finished the loan and purchase paperwork yesterday.  Now, I just need to get the bike home.  Luckily, my buddy kristaki has generously agreed to help me (He rides too).  He is gonna come by Friday on my off day.  It will be at least a couple more [...]

Good Spirits

It’s been a good couple of days.  Friday morning I woke up in a funk and was a bit down.  Nothing really wrong per se.  I think the being cooped up was getting to me.  Anyway, Friday afternoon my buddy Frank totally surprised me by showing up at my door unannounced.  It was just what [...]

As The World Turns…

Life is slowly returning to normal (normal as can be expected considering).  My shoulder is a mild discomfort for the most part.  That is, as long as I don’t try to lift it over my head or stretch it too much.
I’m scheduled to go back to work this Sunday on modified duty.  For clarity, I’m [...]