Update Request

If you link here in any fashion, please take a moment to update your link for me if you haven’t already done so.  I have decided to fold my main domain and my blog into one site.  I will keep the old .name link active but only as an archive in the event the export/import of my existing posts fails.  Once I switch over completely, no new entries will show under the old domain(s). 

The new link is http://www.sfmoby.us 

While I’m at it, I am working with a fresh installation of WordPress.  My current DB has become quite cluttered with old tables left behind by deleted and unused plug-ins.  With the advent of v2.7, this will become obsolete as they are incorporating an option to “uninstall” a plug-in vs just deleting its operating files. 

I will attempt to import all of my existing database however, if that doesn’t work I will simply keep the old link alive as an archive.   

TFA Onward

I  haven’t talked much about TFA lately.  That has been partly on purpose.  I needed some time to work thru some things percolating in ma head.  I will reveal he has been dating someone new and seems absolutely smitten.  Of which, I’m very happy about.  I know I know, you are shaking head going “huh”?  (I’ll get to that, keep reading)  lol  The new guy seems to be much more what TFA needs as well as wants in a partner.  I’ve always felt TFA and I met for a reason.  Whether it was he to learn from me or vice-versa is still up for grabs.  I do think at the time we met, TFA needed me but I wasn’t what he wanted.  I know for some that won’t make sense but for me it totally does. 

I’m sure by now you are gathering from my comments I have indeed let go of the angst I felt regarding TFA.  Actually, it was some time ago.  It had more to do with my own insecurities really.  Seeing that and dealing with it was an important step for me.  I still care for him very much but that concern has evolved into an enduring friendship.

Having let go of my internal issues, I find I am extremely happy with our relationship at present.  His new boyfriend knows about me and is completely ok with the connection and friendship we share.  After a long talk last night, I think TFA has clearly conveyed to him I am not a threat to their budding romance.  Considering he will be here for a long layover the weekend after my upcoming birthday, I felt it was important to make sure our connection would not hinder or interfere with his new love interest. 

On a side rant, seeing TFA struggle to overcome his demons these last couple years has served to remind me of my past struggles and has kept me focused on my own life’s path.  He often tells me he sees our friendship lasting well into old age.  I’m very flattered and heartened by that. 

One of my life’s goals has been to know when I die, I’ll do so knowing I leave behind people who will remember and miss me.  TFA definitely brings me one step closer to that goal.

Tuff Stuff

Well, the new shorter gym schedule seems to be working so far.  Keep in mind I’m only into my first week on the new shift.  The biggest hurdle for me is going to bed sooner.  Being a bit of a night owl, I tend to be awake for 2 or 3 hours after I get off work.   This does not make for being an early riser. heehee 

I had a nice triceps workout today.  I’ve been neglecting them lately so they are feeling extra sore at the moment.  My triceps always seem to respond really well so I’ll have them poppin’ in no time.  And considering the new tattoo rolls right across my right tricep, that be important! lol 


Things are not so rosy at work.  With the economy in the toilet, our dept is being asked to cut up to 25% of our budget.  While my dept. is immune to layoffs, it does not bode well.  We will probably have to give up days off as well as a cost of living raise scheduled for April.  The latter is particularly bitter as we already gave up raises for next year. 

All things considered, I’m happy to have a job. 


Well, I finally caught up on my blogroll.  Sort of.  There was so many unread posts my poor RSS reader didn’t even ask if I wanted to clear them all.  It just chugged thru loading’em all up.  I skimmed thru at light speed. 

I’ll try to do better in 2009. heehee


…my new years resolutions.  I managed to handle most of last years list.   Well, I STILL haven’t gotten braces.  UGH.  It will be on the list again this year.  I’m such a procrastinator.  lol  

I did lean up a bit.  I’m not ripped by any means but, I’m lighter now than I’ve been in years.  Granted it is only about 15 or so pounds but I’ll take it. lol  Actually, the accident really helped as I could only do cardio for awhile so I got accustomed to doing it.  I find I skip it less now. 

The debt is half and half.  All the high-interest stuff is completely gone.   That is good.  I’m down to 3 credit cards and my debit card.  All of which are manageable.  The accident back in August forced me to incur a significant hit in purchasing a shiny new motorcycle.  Still, things are ok there.  I am extremely grateful I have a job in this ever toughening economy.  For the most part, I live within my means.  While I have a weakness for good food, I don’t spend extravagantly.  I still have a heavy hit coming soon.  The land my dad left me (and my brothers) is going to cost to be separated, surveyed, deeded, etc.  I’ll probably have to absorb my little brothers part as he is in no condition to pay for it.  It sucks, but necessary.  Anyway, I’ll probably keep this on the list this year as well.

The tattoo(s) I’m clearly working on.  I’m extremely happy with the work I’ve had done so far.  I’m sure 2009 will see at least 1 or 2 more.  I’m not interested in turning my body into a canvas so won’t go far beyond that. 

Last but not least is my paramedic training.  The hurdles left are significant so not sure on this one.  With the economy and the City cutting back more and more the opportunity to go part time at work while I go to school is not looking good.  Disappointing but not the end of the world.  Having a job right now is enough in itself. 

So now I’m back to pondering this years resolutions.  What are YOU pondering?


In a slightly less exciting rant and not meant to damper the thrill I have from my tattoo, I discovered this weekend, and not for the first time, someone I trusted has been running their mouth about my business.  Business they were instructed was private and only shared in confidence.  Serves me right for reaching out to someone I saw in pain and deciding to share part of myself. 

Well, lesson learned.


The irony here is for a long time I didn’t see myself as an overly moral or ethical person.  Never having the benefit of strong family ties as a child, I had to teach myself right from wrong.  All things considered, I’ve accomplished that goal to my satisfaction.  And while my own brand of morals may not be the norm, they keep me on the path I have chosen in this life.  I guess the point of my ramble here  is I’m more disappointed than angry.  Disappointed that integrity seems to be a catch phrase for most guys these days.  I’m also disappointed in someone who obviously cares more about their next drinking buddy than true friendship.

Or, it could be I’m just getting old and crotchety.  I mean my 38th birthday is fast approaching. *ducking*   


So that tat is coming along nicely!  I finished the shading this past Friday.

Flexing the ink

Latest look. 

The red is not color but irritation from the needle.  That will eventually fade into gray shading.  The bands are now officially done.  Next on the agenda is color!  And I still haven’t ironed’em out yet.  I leaning heavily toward blue and red in the big one but haven’t decided the two smaller ones.  I’m thinking of green for sure but the rest is a guess at the moment.  Yellow and orange are not my favorite colors and they don’t really show up well in tattoos.  Purple is an idea but it tends to be very dark and blends too much with black.  You can see from my back tattoo (below) the dangers of putting like colors too close together.



Basically, I want the colors to really stand out.  Luke suggested I get some magic markers and play around with colors until I find what I like.  A good idea.  Of course, there are also shades of colors vs primaries too.  I could do shades of blue and red on each one.  The wheels are turning…suggestions?

Shading done


Ok, I couldn’t help showing off one more pic.  I totally love it!  The idea of what I wanted is slowly coming to life and I can’t wait for the final product.   I have a sneaky suspicion I’ll be adding more to it though.  The inside shoulder looks a tad bare and begs for either another strand or something to compliment the strand look.  The inside I’m not overly worried about as you almost never see it (and it hurts like a bitch to ink). 

So whaddya think?

New Look?

I’m tinkering with a new theme. Whaddya think? Yes, I know the links on the side are dead at the moment. If I can add the header images back and update the sidepage tabs I might just keep it.

OH, and if you use an openid login, please try it and see if it works.

*update - people seem to be having trouble with the comments AND the design so back to the old one for now.*

Changing Schedule

So in anticipation of my changing schedule, I’m already altering my gym routine.  The last time I was on a 4-10 shift, I really struggled to keep up with a consistent work-out schedule.  I’m hoping to prevent that this time around.  Instead of working muscle groups, I’ll work 1 primary muscle a day (along w/supporting muscles).  I’ll also increase the frequency of days in the gym to make up for the shorter workouts.  I’m hoping these two changes will help me cope with the lack of free time on work days.  *crossed fingers*

For all my setbacks this year, I have done a decent job of keeping to a consistent schedule.  The motorcycle accident set me way back but I managed to bounce back.  The one good thing from the accident is I managed to get myself into doing more cardio.  It has paid off as I’m a tad leaner than I’ve been in about 8 years.

And for all my bitchin’, I am looking forward to the 3-day weekends again.  Especially, since I’ll have Fri/Sat/Sunday’s off.  It is a premium slot and I am grateful I could pull it.  I’m thinking Friday’s will by errand days.  Typical shit.  Lunches for the next week, chores around the house, beat off, blah blah blah…


I’m hoping everyone had a good Christmas today.  Or, happy holiday, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever floats your boat.  Be grateful you are alive and have a roof over your head.  For many this year, things are a bit blue with the economy so bad.  And while there is obviously hope for the future, it is hard to be optimistic when you aren’t sure where you next meal might come from.  If you are reading this, I’m sending you well wishes and warm fuzzy feelings. 

My roomies idea, I swear!

Beyond a very peculiar occurrence yesterday morning it was a pretty uneventful day.  The day started with a flurry of text messages from friends and family exchanging holiday wishes.  Knowing the gym was closed, I laid my ass in bed until the desire for food finally forced me outdoors. 

While I’m walking down to the ‘hood to get some grub, I did have a very odd experience.  I’m crossing at the crosswalk when a giant suburban pulls up, the guy whistles and asks directions to the nearest hospital.  Being a typical control freak, I couldn’t just answer. lol  I asked what the emergency was as it might change his destination.  He seemed very reticent so I volunteered that I was an EMT.  At that point, his face beamed and he spilled his guts in a flurry of parental worry.  It seems his 20 year old daughter (sitting in the back) was experiencing…wait for it…wait for it….are you ready…anal bleeding.  OH yes, you read it right.  I admit I was a little surprised.  Of course, I had very negative thoughts but seeing his whole family piled in with him and no signs of emotional distress, any ideas of foul play quickly evaporated.  I spoke to the young lady and discussed the problem.  She was more embarrassed than anything, not that I blame her.  Anyway, after some questions and more assurances, I was confident she wasn’t in immediate danger and directed them on their way.  I walked away almost laughing at the oddity of the situation.  Seriously, what are the odds?  I was still giggling as I woofed down my lunch and headed back home to get ready for work.

And how was your holiday?